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The Full Story


My journey towards the healing of self and others began at the age of 15 when I came across a book that piqued my interest in massage. When I read it, I understood it. It came naturally to me. I remember thinking at that time, “If all else fails, go to school for massage.” I suppose all else failed because approximately ten years later that is exactly what I did, for the calling and desire was very strong. I have never looked back.

I began learning energy healing by pursuing my Reiki Mastery. I furthered my education at the Florida School of Holistic Bodywork & Therapeutic Massage in 2007. Here I was introduced to many more healing modalities that would shape my interests over the coming years. I learned the basics of Trigger Point Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Lomi Lomi, as well as various other therapeutic and energy healing methods. Over time I honed my Trigger Point skills. Relying on my natural healing intuition I created my own specific therapeutic style. In 2013, at the age of 32, I gave birth to beautiful twin girls and subsequently developed health issues after my pregnancy. The symptoms I began to experience included panic attacks, intense anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, and fatigue. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Until this time I thought I was healthy, but I was wrong.

sara-garver (2).jpg
sara-garver (2).jpg

My journey towards healing myself skyrocketed me further into the realm of alternative energy healing. During this time, I had a Belvaspata Angelic Healing session. This healing improved and changed my life and created a paradigm shift. I had such good results that I chose to learn this healing method to help others. Simultaneously, I intuitively knew it was time to officially learn CranioSacral Therapy. Working with CranioSacral has taught me the power of intention, neutrality, and a light touch. I have also furthered my training in this realm by learning SomatoEmotional Release and Pediatric Craniosacral.

Shortly after learning these modalities, I was introduced to Emotion Code and Body Code which have changed my emotional states of being and reactions completely. Using the gift of muscle testing that I had previously learned for use with myself and flower essences, I was able to find the root energies that contributed to any issue you can imagine. By finding these root energies they can then be cleared and the very building blocks of dysfunction can be eliminated along with the issue. With Body Code, I have helped with morning sickness in pregnant mothers, chronic pain, miscarriage issues, PTSD, grief over the loss of a loved one, depression, and with relationship blocks just to name a few.

The next gift brought into my life was Soul Realignment. My mother-in-law gifted me a trip to Ohio with her and a couple of friends to go to a Victory of Light event. I was then introduced to someone that does this modality and had a life-changing session with him where he told me information about my Divine Soul Blueprint, who I was created to be, that rang to my very core. I learned about my Divine Gifts and my Soul Group of Origin. I was stunned by the information and by learning the truth of who I am on a Soul level. We all have our own Gifts and some go through life never

knowing what those gifts are. My Divine Gifts are those of Divine Truth and Divine Love. Upholding these gifts is what creates abundance and the best life possible for me. I was created to express my Truth and help others uncover theirs as well as having the ability to hold space and assist with the healing of others and myself. I eventually had another session that answered a looming question that had been unanswered most of my life. It ended a chapter of unknowingness which helped me to feel more complete and grounded. It was shortly after that that I knew I wanted to learn how to do this, to help others also understand and know the truth of who they are in order to unlock full abundance and potentiality.


With all that I had learned and healed up to this point, I took the greatest leap of my life with my children and became an Unschooling mom in the fall of 2020. My wish for them is to foster an environment of joy in their lives and keep the spark of a desire to learn burning within them forever. When not working with clients, I focus on what my children want to learn and where their passions lie. Through them I also learn and grow every day. I have learned the value of delving into my own passions and hobbies as well. Other than learning all these healing tools, I also enjoy cooking foods from around the world, baking (especially artisan breads), and the fiber arts of cross stitch, crochet, and knitting. Reading is also a passion wherein I read my own books of interest as well as to my girls a LOT. And, finally, being a child of the 80’s I do enjoy video games; my current favorite being Genshin Impact that I play with my husband (I make him do my Boss fights, though, heehee).

Following the flow of life, I was introduced to a healing software program called SRC4U at about the time I was learning Emotion Code (2016). It was not the right time for me at that moment, but around 2022 I knew I wanted to and was able to purchase this amazing software. Synchronicities unfolded where I was reacquainted with a friend I used to once work with via the software. She lives and works alongside the creator of this software, Grandmaster David Harris. He founded the Shun Shen Tao healing system and placed a vast amount of his knowledge into this form of Quantum healing technology. By using the software daily, I have been able to resolve long-standing physical issues, as well as being able to do healing work on myself and my family when there is very little time to do otherwise. The software even helped me emotionally when I was grieving over the loss of my grandmother and had no time or the will to dig deeper into this grief to clear it another way. It quickly and easily smoothed the processing of the grief, so I could get through my days with ease and grace. In addition to the software, I have also been learning a plethora of knowledge in the realm of Chinese Medicine and Healing Arts. I am very grateful for the bounty of gifts that have been bestowed upon me.

My most current venture is the learning of Visceral Manipulation. This and CranioSacral Therapy go very nicely hand-in-hand. It was through a very talented friend and practitioner that I was introduced to this modality. My eyes have since been opened to how dysfunction in an organ can contribute to muscular pain, a limited ability to breathe deeply and move gracefully, and to the connection between our organs and our emotions. It has opened up a level of kindness and love towards my own body that I did not have before and a knowing of how hard my body works for me and how little respect and love I was giving to it.

Having said all of this, each and every tool that has come into my life is a gift and a blessing that I look forward to sharing with those that are wishing for help; help with healing or help getting to the core of who they are on a Soul level. This is my mission (in addition to unschooling my children). I look forward to holding space with you and uncovering Truth with you.

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