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Transformative Healing, Real Results.


I have been lucky to have known Sara for 3 years. I have come to her for Body Code, CranioSacral, Massage, Soul Realignment, and Reiki and I recommend all of her services. She is fantastic. Sara has given me so much, that my husband and I decided to share it with our children as well. She also helped me before my pregnancy, during, and after. Sara is our fairy.


What can I say about Sara.  - It's been exactly 1 year of Body Code sessions and words can't describe how grateful I am to Sara and all she has done for me.  To explain how powerful and how good she is.  I originally went for body code sessions for blocks in business.  I wanted to release them and move forward.  After 4 sessions to my surprise, I was off my depression and anxiety meds that I had been on for the past 2 years.  I'm astounded because that's not what I went for and I ended up being cleared of so much that I kept forgetting to take them.  It was the best I had felt in such a long time.   She's Amazing!!!   2 years of therapy didn't amount to what she did in 4 sessions.  I deeply appreciate Sara and her dedication.  Her presence during these challenging times has been invaluable.  (there were a lot of them) Her views, humor and guidance in each session have not only helped me navigate but also shed a significant amount of emotional baggage.  Thank you for all you have done for me.  I will always be grateful. 


Sara Garver changed my life! I have suffered from migraine headaches since I was 12 and never found a solution until I met Sara!  She was able to use her healing techniques to literally stop them.  I no longer suffer on a regular basis.  What a blessing to know her and to be under her care.  Now I never miss a treatment, I see her regularly and never plan to stop.  I thank God every day for meeting Sara Garver!!


I was first introduced to the many skills of Sara when I came to her for CranioSacral therapy. I have had extensive experience with the healing qualities of CranioSacral therapy over the past 26 years and was looking for a highly experienced therapist. I found that person in Sara. Sara is uniquely qualified as a CranioSacral therapist and massage therapist and her skills have helped me in many ways. Her ability to tune in to my body’s needs and address them with precision is exceptional. She has helped relieve both physical and mental pain. She has helped relieve high anxiety and find clarity. Her intuitive approach has made each session a transformative experience.I have such confidence in Sara's healing abilities and gentle touch that I have brought my 31-year-old daughter to see her on a regular basis. My daughter was born with severe anomalies that require the most educated person when working with her body. I have noticed many changes in my daughter’s physical comfort and cognitive growth. Sara has created a safe space for myself and my daughter. She's committed to ongoing learning and has skills in other areas that have greatly benefited me as well. I consider Sara a true healer. I am currently actively involved with Sara in Body Code and am amazed at her abilities to move me through past traumas, and finally feel relief from things that have blocked me for years. She has helped give me relief from sorrow from past loss and grief so that I may find greater joy in the present. I have added Sara to a handful of healers that my daughter and I have in our lives that have helped us maintain strong and healthy lifestyles, free of all pharmaceutical drugs. I highly recommend that you give Sara your time and I am convinced that you will not be disappointed in your personal development and growth. With the utmost respect.


I am full of gratitude to have been able to meet Sara and start Body Code sessions with her 3 years ago. Sara is a wonderful, sweet, and adorable person. Very rigorous in her work and keen to do well, she was able to help my family and me to free ourselves from anxieties and fears linked to blocked emotions which allow us to be fully fulfilled now. She has a big heart and loves helping others. Her intuitions are correct and what she does is impressive. I can only advise you to contact Sara if you are experiencing difficulties in life or simply want to improve your well-being.


Sara has done Bodycode and SRC4U for me. Not only is Sara, extremely professional, approachable, intuitive and kind, her healing modalities are very effective. Sara works very hard during her sessions, she truly cares about what she does. A lot of information about trapped emotions have come to light. As Sara clears me, I have found that my physical health issues have improved and continue to improve. I highly recommend Sara's services. Excellent value for money and money well spent.

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