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Soul Realignment™ was created by Andrrea Hess in 2007 as a very specific way of accessing the Akashic Records. The purpose of a Soul Realignment™ session is to reveal information to you about your Divine Soul Blueprint; for you to learn who you were created to be at the moment your Soul was created. In a session, you will discover what your Divine Gift(s) is/are, your Soul Group of Origination, and you will learn the karmic blocks and restrictions that you have accrued in past lives, as well as in this this life. All of this information is given as a stepping stone towards making the best choices you can make for you in order to unlock the abundance and happiness that is your divine right to have.

Session Information:

Soul Realignment™ sessions are not done in person, but rather over video conferencing, so that they can be recorded for you to keep. They are a one-time only session and therefore not done on a recurring basis. Payment is received in full before the presentation of the information is given. If you are interested in this type of session, please contact me directly via phone at (813)731-2604.

Soul Realignment

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