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Pediatric CranioSacral Therapy (30-min)

  • 30 min
  • 50 US dollars
  • River Road

Service Description

Children are the wellspring of our future. Within each child there lies a great potential. A potential that can be hindered by the challenges and/or traumas that can occur early on. Early intervention can mitigate a host of problems that could have developed later on in life. With CranioSacral many of these issues can be alleviated and a sense of calm, peace, & safety can be restored. The treatments are entirely child-centered and can include the parents. The infant or child can be treated while sitting, lying on the table, or even while napping. Because CranioSacral works to bring the autonomic nervous system back into a state of balance, they usually feel very relaxed during a session. Some of the conditions that have been helped with CranioSacral are as follows: ➡ ADD/ADHD ➡ Autism ➡ Birth Trauma (Pre-Natal, Birth, & Post-Natal) ➡ Behavioral Problems ➡ Cerebral Palsy ➡ Colic ➡ Constipation ➡ Developmental Delays ➡ Down Syndrome ➡ Ear Infections ➡ Failure to Thrive ➡ Feeding/Suckling & Swallowing Difficulties ➡ Headaches ➡ Plagiocephaly (Misshapen Head) ➡ Reflux ➡ Sensory Processing Dysfunction ➡ Sinus & Breathing Problems ➡ Sleep Disorders ➡ Tongue Tie ➡ Torticollis ➡ Vomiting

Contact Details

  • 5510 River Road suite 208, New Port Richey, FL, USA

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